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RDI Charles Kaeser Watch Winders

RDI-Charles Kaeser welcomes you to the world of advanced engineering, artisan art and pure luxury! Developing from scratch to the exceptional finished product, this family-run company was founded in 2006 in Switzerland. The team of eight people specializes in manufacturing of high-end automatic watch winders. And they're proud to comply with strict quality standards of "Swiss Made" label. The brand pays much attention to unique details, superlative finishes and reliable high-performance internal mechanisms. Their motors have superb quality, and offer 16 different winding programs, each suitable for a particular type of automatic watch. Offering one of the most extravagant winding machines on the market, they're searching for connoisseurs who appreciate innovative creations. When you shop at 24diamonds.com, an authorized dealer, you get 2-year factory warranty as well as professional customer support.

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items