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Herringbone chains are flat and made of many small links connected together. This specific design gets its funny name from the herring fish. The chains are very flexible and normally lie flat against your skin for a comfortable wear. They have nice smooth look and feel. Became popular in 80s, the herringbones are still in fashion and worn by many celebrities: from hip hop stars to the famous athletes all over the world! Its no doubt you saw you these chains before on tv or fashion magazine covers. At 24diamonds.com we have a great selection of womens herringbone chains in different sizes and precious metals: from 10k yellow gold to 925 sterling silver, 2 to 14 mm width, 16 to 24 inches length, so you can choose the right one according your budget as well. Silver necklaces are expertly handcrafted in Italy and feature a state of art craftsmanship with the affordable price. The best way is to wear these herringbone chains individually, with no pendants to show their alluring beauty and sophistication!

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items