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We created this buyer's education guide to help you understand the terminology used in describing jewelry, watches, diamonds, accessories. It contains some of the basic information you should know and understand before buying your perfect gift, including the 4 C's and how to buy a diamond, general information about caring for your jewelry, common watch terminology.

WATCHES Learn more about watches from 24diamonds.com, how they work and how they are constructed. Common watch terminology, difference between watch types, crystals, movements, water resistance, automatic watches, more.

DIAMONDS Before you start diamond shopping, you want to have an understanding of what you're buying. This guide simplifies the four C's of diamonds - cut, color, clarity, and carat weight, so you can select your diamond based on the same criteria jewelers use to grade them. After reading through this education guide, you'll be ready to choose the diamond that's right for you.

JEWELRY Our goal is to provide you the ability to learn about and understand jewelry to give you an edge when shopping for jewelry! Plus, with the basic jewelry tips you can extend the beauty of your favorite jewelry...