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Selling top quality loose diamonds has been our main specialization for over 16 years! Here at 24diamonds.com we provide the access to a huge selection of certified by GIA and EGL loose diamonds. These are world leading, trusted and the most respected gemological laboratories. Our inventory has ordering based on international diamond grading system 4Cs. User-friendly interface allows you to choose from color, clarity, cut, carat weight and price range. The diamond color describes as absence of color, and has a scale from D (absolutely colorless) to Z (noticeable color). The diamond clarity measures as quantity and size of inclusions inside a stone. It varies from FL (flawless) to I1-I3 (included). The diamond cut means how well a stone sparkle. It grades from ideal- to poor-cut. Find your perfect stone choosing from round, princess, radiant, asscher, marquise, oval, emerald, pear, heart and cushion shapes! We have over 7,000 loose diamonds updated daily. If you are looking for something you cannot find here, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do all our best to assist you!

Certified Loose Diamonds