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Are you looking for luxurious evil eye jewelry (such as bracelets, necklaces, ring) that will protect you?! We have more interesting facts for you... Evil eye belief has been in existence for thousands of years. To date, the beliefs are still strong in the Middle East, South and Central Asia, Africa and parts of Europe. It is believed that a person can give a look that may bring harm, bad luck or suffering to another who is not aware. The receiver of the evil glare would fall victim to the malicious intent and face disaster in future. There is an evil eye that is cast intentionally while another may give the eye unknowingly. Staring at a pregnant woman or at a baby fixedly was believed to bring evil to the newborn. In ancient times, it was believed that any disease that had no explanation was brought about by evil eye. Its bead was meant to reflect the evil intent back to the onlooker. Turkish evil eye bead for example, has a shiny blue color and is common for protecting the wearer from the bad look they may get from envious friends or strangers.

Word "Hamsa" means five and refers to the fingers of the hand. It is quite common in Jewish and Muslim cultures. It is a symbolic talisman that was believed to ward off evil, bring good health, luck, fertility, goodness and abundance. Hamsa is also an icon that defends against evil forces. Many cultures in the early age used the eye as a symbol for protection while others used the hand. With time, the symbol for protection became an eye that was placed in the palm of a hand.

It goes beyond rituals and phrases. Evil eye talismans, jewelry and symbols are quite common as a way of warding off the power of evil. People attach evil eye beads on the clothes of newborns to ward off evil. Jewelry that has the eye is quite common, with many buying the hazar (which is blue with white circles that symbolize the eye) for their cars, offices and other precious things they own. The eye is meant to reflect the evil look.

Evil eye belief is still common in the current world. Many celebrities have been linked with these beliefs and are even spotted wearing the talismans as fashion statements. Evil eye bracelets and necklaces are quite common, with the wearers intending to bring good luck and protection. With the modern technology improving everyday, one can even download the evil eye wallpaper to protect their gadgets like phones and computers.

Evil Eye Jewelry

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