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Your first question can be what wheat link chain is. Well, this is a relatively new style, recently handmade by creative jewelers and becoming more and more popular from day to day! At the same time, this is still a hard to find type of chains, because not much stores offering it due to the limit in production and availability. Featured an enchanting weave designed, it is created from twisted oval links that are connected and intertwined together. This design is also called Spiga. It is a perfect piece to wear alone or paired with a favorite religious or other type charm. All the chains are made of real Italian 10k or 14k gold of different colors including yellow, rose and white. At 24diamonds.com you will be able to find a wheat necklace of desired length and thickness. This style adds some extra elegance and class to your everyday look! It could be worn with any outfit and would be a precious addition to your jewelry collection. The highest quality is guaranteed as well as free and fast domestic shipping.

Spiga Wheat Chains

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items