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Byzantine chains are named after their place of origin which is Byzantine Empire. That period of time took place approximately in the year 330 a.d. Byzantine necklaces feature an intricate appearance and great flexibility! Consisting of links that are looped in and through each other to form an unusual pattern that resembles a rope; technically, four loops pass through one single loop and this keeps on repeating over and over throughout the entire length of the chain, resulting in a stunning chain that can be worn anytime and anywhere, with any formal and informal outfit. At 24diamonds.com we carry classic byzantine necklaces of various length and thickness that can be perfect for both men and women. Different metals are also available. You may choose from real 10k or 14k gold of white, yellow or rose colors as well as Italian 925 sterling silver. This unique design exhibits both elegance and strength. And it will definitely become your powerful statement piece of jewelry!

Fancy Byzantine Chains

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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 items