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Kunstwinder Watch Winders

Kunstwinder is a manufacturer of luxurious automatic watch winders. The company was founded by Valentin Balters, an engineer from the area famously known as Silicon Valley. As his collection of mechanical watches increased, Mr. Balters made considerable effort to get a watch winder to maintain the collection in accurate working condition. But Valentin was very disheartened by the available options. Designs of winding devices was completely out of imagination. Most of them had tasteless wooden or metal exterior finish which obscured extraordinary looks of expensive timepieces, instead of bearing them open for the world. Upon comprehension that the market had niche for watch winders that would receive great applause by enthusiasts as himself, Balters in 2007, commenced work on his initial design, the Oil Baron. It took years of blood, brains, sweat and tears, for the novelty to be absolutely perfected. But what would Valentin Balters call the new company which was his brainchild? What name would capture the purpose, finesse and vision of the Oil Baron and others to come? With his daughter's help, the term Kunstwinder, whose accurate meaning is the craft of winding, came to life. The engineer was highly inspired to reinterpret existed automatic watch winders even further. Thirty plus years of experience in dealing with machines gave him a competitive edge. So Valentin went forth to create his second masterpiece, called Ferris Wheel, followed by another device, the Chronos, which were both added to the proud collection of Kunstwinder brand. Every new model is envisaged and subsequently designed in conformity to Kunstwinder mission, which intends to incorporate exceptional functionality with aspects of imagination, as well as artistry in their products to allow users to showcase the most intricate watches.

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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items