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Show your true faith wearing one of unique diamond pendants from our religious collection! This men's diamond pendant is a good way to express your feelings and loyalty... you do not have to say a word, - let your diamond pendant talk for you. Depending on your religion you can find the highest quality women's diamond pendants as crosses, Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, praying hands, Star of David, Hamsa, Evil Eye as well as various Islamic signs and much more! There are some many options to choose from: 18, 14, 10k white, yellow, rose, two, three tone gold or 925 sterling silver, plain or encrusted with diamonds, highly polished or matte finished... Normally, a religious pendant goes with anything from work wear to casual outfits and there are no fashion related rules regarding self expression. All you need is a matching chain that you can also find from our largest collection!

AGIAll diamond jewelry items over $1,000 include a Certificate of Authenticity, issued by the Accredited Gemological Institute of New York (AGI). The document is based on the 4C's standard. And it shows diamond carat weight, diamond color, diamond clarity, diamond cut and retail replacement value. The appraisal can be used to insure your jewelry item.

Religious Pendants

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