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Exotic and rare like real pharaoh, these diamond Pharaoh pendants are absolutely mysterious and fascinating! The word Pharaoh is coming from an ancient Egypt and means the religious and political title of a leader of that time. Wearing Egyptian pharaoh pendants recently became a popular fashion trend and you probably saw these pieces already on famous hip hop singers and athletes. At 24diamonds.com we offer very special men's pendants which are expertly handmade of 18k, 14k, 10k yellow, rose and white gold, with the perfect shinning or satin finish. These jewelry pieces are full of detailed work, exceptional craftsmanship and as a result have the unique look and appearance. Our pharaohs are designs with top quality genuine diamonds, special enamel and other high quality materials. It could be a great statement piece or just an enjoyable piece for everyday wear!

AGIAll diamond jewelry items over $1,000 include a Certificate of Authenticity, issued by the Accredited Gemological Institute of New York (AGI). The document is based on the 4C's standard. And it shows diamond carat weight, diamond color, diamond clarity, diamond cut and retail replacement value. The appraisal can be used to insure your jewelry item.

Pharaoh Pendants

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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items