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Handsome figaro link bracelets for men and women are one of the popular designs in the United States and regarded as the classic type. If you are too conservative for other bracelets, this one should be a perfect match! Professionally handmade of multi-sized links that makes the final look unique and very special. A regular figaro link bracelet has a pattern of three smaller links with one larger link and this repeats across the entire piece and makes the design idea complete. Some bracelets are handcrafted entirely of one metal, for example 14K yellow gold, while others are two and three tone. At 24diamonds.com we have a stock of mens and womens figaro links available in 10 and 14k gold and 925 sterling silver. We also carry the bracelets with a fancy diamond cut effect which makes the piece sparkle a lot and look like it is made with real diamonds. From massive sizes to elegant pieces with different prices in order for you to choose accordingly! These bracelets are perfect for the regular wear.

Figaro Bracelets

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items