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What Automatic Watch Winder Box Is: Key Facts

Published: January 30th, 2017
Categories: Watch Winders

If you're an owner of any automatic watch, you will probably agree that it has advantages as well as some minuses. One of potential drawbacks is the following: if you don't wear the timepiece every day, you'd have to wind it up manually. We say "potential" and "would be" because if you've a watch winder, this isn't actually a problem. That device will imitate the natural movement of person's wrist, thereby keeping the watch wound even when it isn't being worn. That is a great thing because your watch will always be primed for use even if you haven't worn it in a while. Many winding units can hold more than one watch at a time, moving them in circular motion that puts force onto their mainsprings, the part inside of the watch that must be "wound".

Time Capsule by Rapport LondonMost of winding units have a similar construction. It features a case with a watch holder that secures the piece in place to prevent jingling during winding. There is also an electric motor that ensures that the watch rotates gently and constantly in circular motion to keep it wound. Depending on the watch requirements, modern winding mechanisms allow to choose various rotation directions as well as rotation speed.

You can ask if watch winders are necessity or luxurious accessories. We will try to answer. People don't wear their automatic watches every single day. For instance, if you're going to go exercise at the gym or head down to the beach, you probably won't want to bring your timepiece with you. In order to keep a self-winding watch wound, you'd have to wear it more or less every day. This could be seen as a drawback, but it's amazing that watch enthusiasts have invented a useful device and got rid us of the need to wind watches manually at all. In addition, many watch lovers have more than one automatic pieces, and it would look strange to wear more than one at a time! For these reasons, purchasing an automatic watch winder is a sensible option to keep your watches always at the ready.

The concept of the automatic watch is a very convenient one, but watch winders add to that convenience by ensuring that you essentially never have to manually wind your watches, which can be a nuisance in itself. Just ask your parents or grandparents about how they always had to wind their watches. An automatic watch winder guarantees that all of your favorite watches will be ready to wear at a moment's notice.

If you're in the market for an automatic watch winder, you may be wondering what brands to keep an eye out for There are a whole range of prices for different watch winders - some are simply functional, whereas some go a step beyond, offering aesthetic elegance in addition to functionality. Whether you just want a watch case that's functional or an exquisite showcase for your watches, some popular brands with which you can't go wrong include Orbita Corporation, Volta and Rapport London, etc.

A self-winding watch is not the same as a quartz watch, although some people may get them confused. The latter run on batteries, which can die after a couple of years and can be a nuisance to have replaced. The automatic watch has an elegance that quartz watches just don't have. Self-winding watches can last lifetime if taken care of. It surely includes keeping them wound with automatic watch winders when not in use! If you wear your wrist watch often, use a winders when you don't, and take it to a watch shop for a check-up about every three years, your automatic watch will be a constant, faithful companion, the maintenance of which you will rarely have to concern yourself with.

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