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The Best Automatic Watch Winders are Those Made by Orbita

Published: March 17th, 2017
Categories: Watch Winders

Logo of Orbita CorporationOrbita is famous for two winding technologies that keep automatic wristwatches accurate and functional. These two arise from the fact that an automatic watch ought to be hand wound at least once every three or four days to insure proper continuous operation. Normally, the pendulum spring that generates the rotary motion unwinds around 48 hours after the watch is unworn. This implies that the winding technology that the watch winder utilizes emulates the natural movement of a human wrist to a detailed perfection. This way, the automatic watch is not only kept in time but also, in more sophisticated watches, in the correct month, day of the week and moon phase. That being said, under winding technologies, Orbita offers patented rotorwind technology as well as programmable mode.

Rotorwind technology is a unique winding method designed to simulate natural movements of the wrist. Unlike rotating the watch slowly, which would otherwise shorten the life of the internal springs, rotorwind mode makes swings the automatic back and forth with small random or haphazard motions. These oscillations are triggered or influenced by a low-current motor that is powered by high-energy lithium batteries.

Programmable option represents one of the latest strides that Orbita has taken to stay ahead of the curve. The design makes good use of an advanced microprocessor control that is responsible for winding cycles of 1300, 950, 800, or 650 turns per day. And unlike rotorwind technology, you have a choice of either anti-clockwise, clockwise or random reversing rotations. The whole assembly, which consists of an ironless core and Swiss engineered motor, is powered by a supplied AC/DC adapter or alkaline batteries. As far as automatic mechanical watches should be kept in good condition, they're required to use either specifically rotorwind or programmable winding modes. As a result, Orbita Orbita Sparta Watch Winder W05522offers various collections of winders.

One of the most popular as well as affordable collections is Sparta. These watch winders are the very definition of excellence in a well compact and lightweight package. Although predominantly popular in black, Sparta winders can also be found in bolder colors such as red, blue, green, orange, yellow and white. And given that high-energy lithium batteries power the device, it doesn’t have to be plugged to the mains to be used in safes and dressers. As for the winding technology, the Sparta uses well-known rotowind movement to mimic natural swinging motions of the wrist.

Orbita Avanti Watch WInder W70007Avanti is another admired series of Orbita watch winders. The combination of exotic Macassar veneer with genuine carbon fiber accents make these devices look very impressive. They come with either patented rotorwind technology or fully programmable mode. The winders can be placed anywhere because they're wireless and powered by long-lived lithium batteries. Versions with a power cord are also available. The Avanti collection can be a perfect choice for watch collectors because it's offered in a wide range of sizes: from elegant 3 and 4 modules to magnificent cabinets of 36 and 48 winders. Most of models also come with storage drawers for extra watches or jewelry.

Classic design and advanced technology come in Siena collection. It boasts of timeless style featured high-gloss solid teak or burl wood case with sloped glass front. It gives ideal visibility of your favorite automatic watches. The interior is lined with soft black suede fabric to protect your watches from accidental knocks and tumbles. Drive modules are equipped either with rotorwind or programmable motors. High-end look and reliable functionality combined with fair price makes this collection a winner!

Orbita also offers series of winding devices with high-security protection for your expensive pieces. The WallSafe has an excellent burglary resistant construction that employs a 3/16" steel door complimented with a programmable electronic locking system. It's designed for quick and easy installation. The safe comes with rotorwind winding technology that perfectly mimics movements of the wrist. The motors have no need in an external power source because powered by high-energy lithium batteries. Two versions of storages are available, for 6 and 9 automatic watches.

The unique creation by the brand is presented in Sempre collection. This is the only winding module for hand-wound mechanical watches. The motor ideally replicates the motion of your fingers winding a timepiece by rotating the protruding crown. As for the operation mechanism, the winder employs an ingenious programmable microprocessor. It controls the process that stops the winding as soon as the watch nears fully-wound state by sensing increased resistance in the spring. This sophisticated module comes separately as well as placed in solid wood cases from Siena series.

Orbita Corporation, without a doubt, is one of the most progressive, advanced and versatile manufactures of automatic watch winders in the world. They've cemented this image by continually releasing unique, durable and reasonably priced winding devices for avid automatic watch collectors. It's very important to mention that the brand gives two-year warranty for any materials and/or workmanship defects. They also offer optional extended warranty for three year coverage to insure against any unforeseen circumstances.

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