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Swiss Made Automatic Watch Winders by RDI Charles Kaeser

Published: March 2nd, 2017
Categories: Watch Winders

Time is of the essence, but for watch collectors and connoisseurs alike, craftsmanship and attention to details are uncompromised qualities. Having a watch that’s unique only to you is not only a source of pride, but it also hints at your personality. However, even the finest pieces of precision, often require a power reserve to keep them functioning when you choose to save their adorning for special occasions. That is where a luxurious brand like RDI Charles Kaeser builds on its passion.

Established in Switzerland in 2006, RDI Charles Kaeser is notable for creating unique watch winders for prestigious names in the watchmakers industry. Their foray into watch accessories began with a four feet high stupendous automatic watch winder, the Safe-lift, which costs an eye-watering 150,000 Swiss Francs. The safe-lift, a true feat of ingenuity in the watch winder evolution, was inspired by Swiss traditions of automata in every aspect. Built with fine materials such as palladium, ruthenium and even gold, the RDI creation combined multiple complications, security, beauty, functionality, with the highest technological standards.

The company has since moved on to offer smaller versions of equal quality, to owners of mechanical time instruments. With superlative finishes and RDI’s passion for creativity, each of their watch winders can only be distinguished by their unique innovation. The Swiss made winders are some of the most silent in the market, and are the ideal watch accessories for anyone with refined taste.

RDI-Charles Kaeser offers a few winder collections including Prestige, Horizon, Signature and Memoire. The winders come with no less than 16 different programmes, each providing different number of cycles and directions, suitable for a variety of horological models and mechanical calibers - from the most avant-garde timepieces to the antique ones.

Handcrafted watch winders from the Prestige collection come in different designs, commonly referred to K10. All-black models feature finely polished lacquered glass, artisanal leather inlay and black matte metal columns. This construction shows off a manifesto of style that complements any high-end self-winding watch. One of them - K10-7 is a more distinct, high-tech winder in genuine carbon fiber. With exceptional durability and thermal resistance, the winding model is a shelter suitable for your most precious guard-time. Along with a high-performing motor, the ultra-silent K10 winders feature two size watch cushions each, specially-built to accommodate different watch sizes. All the models can be stacked upon each other to form a tower, for simultaneous winding, which is a real wow factor.

The Horizon collection boasts functionality in sleek design. Affordable of the bunch, these Swiss made Charles Kaeser Signature Vegetal Single Watch Winderwinders are bundled in a smooth leather case embellished with modern print designs on both sides. They house a generous cradle compartment for any size wrist watch. Operated by mains or battery, they offer convenience when travelling, and also in home placement. This lightweight creation has a single program, with a 1000 turns per day, in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.

For those looking for exclusivity status, a one-off work of art from the Signature collection will give you ultimate bragging rights. Watch winders in this category come in two varieties, strictly offered as limited editions, each with its own numbering. These winders are complemented in wood marquetry finishing, with the artistic touch of renowned Parisian artist Rose Saneuil. The Vegetal’s pattern constitutes red tones of the sycamore, black and grey hues of plane tree, red shagreen and stingray. The Traces model makes use of meshed plane tree, shagreen, walnut, wenge, and the warm brown shades of Tahiti mother of pearl.

RDI brand draws inspiration from history, by using prehistoric materials in the construction and decoration of this collection. The sides and roof of the Memoire winders are made from petrified wood, which look like of over 225 million years old. This authentic fossil is part mineral, part vegetable, a unique metal-mineral combination that reveals a rich palette of colors in distinct patterns.

Watch winders by Charles Kaeser are a feat of engineering, perfect for anyone looking for authenticity, art, beauty and out of the ordinary automatic watch winders. Along with a host of innovative collections, the brand also caters to those who need customized watch winders, exclusive to their needs and requirements.

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