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Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry: Meaning of February Birthstone

Published: February 4th, 2017
Categories: Gemstones

Amethyst is a high quality form of quartz crystal that is naturally found as clusters in a nodular stone. Known by the chemical name silicon dioxide, this stone is sometimes found in volcanic rugs or small cavities in rocks. Amethyst obtains its purple color through a combination of manganese impurities and iron.

Its name comes from the Greek word "amethystos" which means sober and not drunken. This preciousWomens Purple Amethyst Diamond Ring stone was said to be used by warriors to avoid intoxication during wars, so if you drink wine from amethyst cup, it is believed you will be safe from getting drunk. The ancient Greeks believed that Amethyst gave the wearer power and protected them against intoxication and overindulgence. Although it is characterized by its purple color, it has other variations ranging from lavender to reddish or deep purple. Purple has long been the color of royalty and for this reason, amethyst has always been very popular throughout history. The British crown jewels are amazed with amethysts and the Egyptian royalty also favors it. It is also recognized as a symbol for wisdom, luck and spirituality.

Amethyst is a birthstone for those born in the month of February, and a gemstone for those celebrating their 4th, 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries. Since every month has its own gemstone, you can personalize your loved one’s birthday by gifting them with amethyst jewelry that month. This will be a constant reminder of the significance of their birth. More than that, it has long been used as gemstones and ornamental stones. Jewelry designers from all over the world have selected Amethyst to design unique necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants and other jewels.

If you choose amethyst rings, one thing you're guaranteed is the wide variety of designs that come with it. You can therefore select from a simple band to a something with more intricate pattern, lots of elements and openwork around the gem itself or maybe a timeless design altogether. You can even design your own amethyst rings and combine it with another precious gemstone. What more, both men and women can wear these type of rings.

Womens Purple Amethyst Diamond Drop EarringsNecklaces and pendants are also a popular choice! A beautiful violet hue set in a gold pendant can grab the attention of almost anyone. In addition, an Amethyst heart necklace is one of the most timeless and popular designs, and it always looks wonderful with any outfit There're many shapes of the stones available - from hearts, pears, ovals to beads... Despite the many years of use, the Amethyst pendant necklace still remains the foundation of the gemstone.

Amethyst bracelet is a gift that perfect for any age and personality because of its classic appearance. It can be worn with any attire whether formal or casual.

Amethyst earrings are another lovely choice! They can be found in many different styles such as studs, dangles and hoops. They are a wonderful way to spice up your jewelry collection with some rich color that Amethyst can give. To enhance your daytime or evening wardrobe, a few classic pieces of amethyst jewelry will do the trick.

Whether amethyst gemstone jewelry is given as a gift, an engagement ring or a birthstone, there is no question why it stands to be the ideal gift to give a loved one! With a long history of being a stunning and rather inexpensive gemstone, amethyst jewelry is bound to last an eternity.

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