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Be always in style with our luxurious selection of pendants for men and women! Here at 24diamonds.com you can find a large variety of one of a kind designs and styles such as hearts, flowers, angels, leafs, keys, animals, skulls, zodiac signs, dog tags, shoes and more! In addition, if you are looking to express your faith, we offer different religious pendants like crosses, Jesus, angel and Virgin Mary charms as well as Star of David, Hamsa and various Islamic pendants. Each piece of jewelry is expertly handcrafted with high quality materials including 950 platinum, 10, 14, 18k gold and 925 sterling silver with natural diamonds and genuine gemstones. Fancy yellow, blue, brown, black, white diamonds, green emeralds and peridot, blue sapphires and tanzanites, red rubies and garnet, yellow citrine and topaz, purple amethysts and other gems could be worn as your birthstone as well. Show your exceptional taste and fabulous look with one of our gorgeous pieces of jewelry!

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Showing 1 - 30 of 322 items