Gucci 103 Horsebit Womens Watch YA103504

Gucci 103 Horsebit Womens Watch YA103504 -

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Stainless steel case and bracelet in horsebit style. Silver dial. Scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Lobster-claw clasp. Case size 21mm x 29mm. Quartz movement. Water resistant at 30 meters (100 feet).

About the Brand

What associations do you have when hear the word Gucci? Every person imagines some clothes and, of course, watches.. This name doesn’t need to be introduced. It is famous worldwide.
As to the watches, Gucci watch collections are very famous on the watch market. This brand is one of the most widely spread brands in the world; it is very prestigious and elegant. Gucci watches are always stylish and qualitative. They are first of all the indicator of the style and prosperity.
The first Gucci watches appeared in 1972. Since that time and now on Gucci Company occupies 1/10 of the watch market.
Despite the fact that Gucci watches are made of some usual materials such as stainless steel, sapphire crystal and sometimes the dial face made of silver, the diversity of colors, moods and models is very high. Though the materials are usual a great number of designers work at the watches every day. That is why, every month Gucci produces new models of timepieces that continue to make people happier. Nowadays practically every collection has some exclusive models and the most emphasized watches are women gold watches made on the highest level of professionalism.
Practical and reliable Gucci watches are absolutely ideal for everyday wearing. More than that, the accuracy is based on Swiss mechanism ETA that is famous for its quality. Every person knows that Swiss masters are considered to be the best in the watch Industry. That’s why there is no doubt that Gucci watches will live long.
Elegancy, independence and wonderful Image will make every person jealous. The fact of wearing Gucci says about your enormous desire to show your individuality and emphasize your unique style. Gucci accessory, except for clothes, will make your image magnificent and unforgettable. Every model is a wonderful mixture of an unforgettable taste and Swiss accuracy.

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